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29th-Feb-2012 12:00 pm - friends only


Friending status: CLOSED.
Currently not adding any new friends.
This journal is semi-friends only. All of my downloads and (occasional) graphics posts are public, along with a few random posts here and there. If you want to see my friends only posts, please add me and comment on this entry to be added back. I like to know the people I add ^_^ Please friend me only if you have the same interests as me! Otherwise we would have nothing to talk about -__-

And I don't expect you to comment on every one of my entries, but a comment now and then would be nice. Just so I know you're still alive and everything. ^_^

If you are adding me only for the MP4 videos, please do not comment on this entry.
25th-May-2009 10:17 pm - it's been one year...
shinee 2

11th-Mar-2009 11:43 pm - THE BEST TWO DAYS OF MY LIFE.
I finally finished typing up my fan report! Pictures and links to my fancams are all included :)

Warning: it's kind of long...Collapse )


These two videos are what made waiting an hour in the cold totally worth the wait:
-2PM leaving the MTV studio
-Wonder Girls leaving the MTV studio

Concert fancams:
-Wonder Girls- I Wanna
-Wonder Girls- Bad Boy
-Wonder Girls- Bad Boy (glow in the dark umbrella part :D)
-Wonder Girls- So Hot
-Wonder Girls- So Hot (Yoobin's rap)
-Wonder Girls- Nobody Rainstone Remix
-Wonder Girls- Irony
-Wonder Girls- Irony (ending)
-2PM- 10 Out Of 10 (the only performance I recorded in its entirety lol)
-2PM- Only You (dance break at the end)
-Wonder Girls- Nobody Tango (only the beginning before the 2PM boys came on stage -_-)
-Wonder Girls- Nobody (only the very beginning.. my camera was running out of memory)

This girl I met at the concert got an amazing video of 2PM coming out the back entrance after the concert. WATCH IT. And LOOK AT JUNSU SMIRKING LOL.
3rd-Feb-2009 12:21 am - today is a very special day...
super junior 2


Currently dying from the stress of having to write a paper on a book I didn't even read, but I thought this birthday post was more important :)
27th-Jan-2009 06:19 pm - shinee performance mp4s
Wow, it's been more than 4 months since I last shared any MP4 videos. Anyways, here's a few SHINee performances that I converted for my iPod. Download links are under the cut!

-AMIGO - Protect Water Concert 11.12.2008
-Romantic + Love Should Go On (Remix) + AMIGO - 01.04.2009 Inkigayo
-We Are The Future - 01.25.2009 MBC Star Dance Battle

Hajiman sexy~Collapse )

Please comment if you take! :Dv
And please use the MU links if you can.

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